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Cape Town, South Africa
I love my life!! I am a very happy single girl. the love of my life is my dog Lola, when i grew up i was a cat person and never imagined that i would be owned by a big furry animal but alas when she happened to me it was by far one of the best things ever!! my great passion in life is collecting art and i'm a complete addict when it comes to this - i love my ever expanding collection!

the best quiche eva!!

i am quiche crazy and always looking for the best one i can find - well today was a very very good quiche day - walked around the city centre today with sis-in-law and decided to have lunch at the ivy courtyard restaurant - it's a beautiful little piece of heaven just off greenmarket square (at the back of the old city hall) - do yourself a favor and check it out!! - what a nice setting for a superb piece of quiche!!!

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