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Cape Town, South Africa
I love my life!! I am a very happy single girl. the love of my life is my dog Lola, when i grew up i was a cat person and never imagined that i would be owned by a big furry animal but alas when she happened to me it was by far one of the best things ever!! my great passion in life is collecting art and i'm a complete addict when it comes to this - i love my ever expanding collection!


We were privileged to get a table at Babylonstoren in December - they were very busy and you have to book well in advance.  The weather did not play along - wet,wet, wet - so we could not visit their legendary garden but deep down I'm glad because now I HAVE TO go back.  So it was off to the restaurant - I absolute love the decor - it is simple, beautiful, clean, interesting and fresh.  The food was AMAZING!!!  Almost everybody at the table had the fillet with creamy mushrooms served with a gorgonzola ice cream - the best fillet ever, the best mushrooms ever and the ice cream drool-lishes!!  With this they serve a huge bowl of THE BEST POTATO WEDGES I'VE EVER TASTED!!!  plus a beautiful platter of veggies - it was one of those lunches where everybody quiets down and tune into the moment and just relax and enjoy the food - for dessert we had THE BEST CREME BRULEE I'VE EVER TASTED!!!  it's not cheap, neither is it too expensive but it's the kind of food that i am happy to pay for!!!  

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