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Cape Town, South Africa
I love my life!! I am a very happy single girl. the love of my life is my dog Lola, when i grew up i was a cat person and never imagined that i would be owned by a big furry animal but alas when she happened to me it was by far one of the best things ever!! my great passion in life is collecting art and i'm a complete addict when it comes to this - i love my ever expanding collection!

The Grand, Granger Bay

This is definitely one of the best settings in Cape Town!! After getting turned away twice because of private functions we finally made it inside today!!
It was a perfect day and we chose a table on the beach - kicked off our shoes and celebrated with a glass of ice cold wine.  The food was "nice" - we ordered one of their huge pizzas and some salad - a bit on the expensive side but just sitting in such a beautiful spot makes it seem irrelevant....

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